The 58th international pharmaceutical innovation and holder transaction docking conference will be held in Shanghai in A

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Since the formal implementation of the listing license system, the merger and reorganization activities of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have become active again. There are more flexible cooperation modes among pharmaceutical enterprises, commercial companies and cro enterprises, and the resources of all parties can be integrated and utilized more efficiently and conveniently. The 58th pharmaceutical future meeting in 2020 will be held in Shanghai from August 27 to 28, 2020. Based on the previous mission of assisting Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in finding high-quality domestic projects, this conference will invite more international partners to collect foreign high-quality projects for release and docking. We sincerely invite pharmaceutical entrepreneurs to attend the conference with R & D, investment and M & a supply and demand!The conference set up a special exhibition exchange and business negotiation area, and opened 70 booths for pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing companies, C (d) Mo enterprises, pharmaceutical peripheral suppliers, etc. to display and receive customers. The booth is in the process of attracting investment, welcome to inquire and cooperate!