Global drug cooperation under the new epidemic situation: fapiravir Fuji film cooperates with Dr Reddy's and gra

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July 1, 2020, Tokyo: Fuji film company (President: Kenji sukeno) and Dr Reddy's (a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in India, CO chairman and managing director: GV Prasad, hereinafter referred to as "Dr Reddy's"), and global response aid (global supplier of medical supplies and drugs, CEO: Mitch) The novel coronavirus infectious disease (or COVID-19) is being deployed overseas by Wilson, hereinafter referred to as GRA. On June 30, Fujifilm Fushan Chemical Co., Ltd., Dr Reddy's and gra entered into a tripartite licensing agreement (the "agreement") for the development, production and sale of avigan tablets (generic name: favipiravir, fabiravir), a potential drug for the treatment of covid-19. Under the agreement, Fujifilm Fushan chemical will grant Dr Reddy's and gra the exclusive right to develop, manufacture (manufacturing rights granted to Dr Reddy's only) and to sell avigan (excluding China and Russia) overseas, with a license fee and a sales royalty.
According to the agreement, Fujifilm Toyama will provide Dr Reddy's and gra with a series of data on avigan preclinical and clinical studies that Fujifilm has accumulated so far. Dr Reddy's and gra will use the data to rapidly conduct clinical studies on covid-19 patients in India, the Middle East and other areas where infection is spreading
In addition, Fujifilm Fushan chemical will grant Dr Reddy's the right to use avigan's formula and manufacturing method patent. Dr Reddy's will set up facilities for the production of drugs of the same quality as avigan, and make use of gra's global distribution network to provide the produced drugs rapidly and stably.
Dr Reddy's is a global pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of generic drugs. It is expanding not only in India but also in Europe, the United States and several other markets around the world, and is accelerating its global business. Gra is a Dubai based company that works with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to provide medical supplies, medicines and medical services worldwide.
Avigan is approved for production and sale as an anti influenza drug in Japan. The novel coronavirus has the antiviral effect because it has the mechanism of selectively inhibiting the RNA polymerase of virus and preventing the proliferation of the virus. The new coronavirus is classified as the same RNA virus as influenza virus. Fuji film group is currently conducting clinical research on avigan for covid-19 patients in Japan and the United States, and is cooperating with domestic and foreign companies to increase the production of the drug.
The covid-19 epidemic situation is still serious, and treatment drugs are urgently needed. Fuji Film Group will cooperate with Dr Reddy's and gra to accelerate the global development and supply of avigan. Fuji Film Group will contribute to ending the pandemic by providing therapeutic drugs to patients with covid-19 as soon as possible.